Creatina tamponata, kre alkalyn

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    Description: Kre-Alkalyn is the first and only internationally patented creatine that does not convert into creatinine prior to reaching the muscle! Kre-Alkalyn is a technology patented modification of PH, able to cross the blood flow to the molecule and arrive intact to the muscle tissue where they can express its full potential. These are the benefits...

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    DESCRIPTION: Thanks to the optimum manufacturing process, two capsules of MEGA CAPS® contain as much as 2500 mg of this very strong anabolic and resistant to acid cyclation form of creatine. The substantially smaller portion of KRE-ALKALYN® gives a much better eff ect compared to ordinary monohydrate. In short you use less creatine, have more...

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    Beta K A recent study illustrated that supplementation of Beta-Alanine & Creatine increased maximal power output. It was concluded that it might be as a result of improved hydrogen ion buffering by elevated Carnosine concentrations. The use of Beta-Alanine to increase muscle Carnosine offers a way to increase anaerobic exercise potential and, is likely...

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    Description: Createne is based on a simple ergogenic creatine monohydrate powder soluble in capsules or in its purest form (99.5 / 99.9% purity - HPLC - considered pharmaceutical grade). Creatine is an amino acid derivative highly energy present in many foods (200 g of red meat bring about 1 g of creatine). It is synthesized from certain amino acids...

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