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    Descripción: Si entrenas duro, entonces usted necesita sustancias dellle y nutrientes adecuados para apoyar la recuperación muscular óptimo y crecimiento. Incluso si hace ejercicio, es necesario complementar su dieta y el cuerpo con estos "bloques de construcción" de proteínas, el "último paso para conseguir...

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    Description: LEGEND ™ is a concentration of energy in a powder for the toughest workouts. The main feature of the activity for the performance of LEGEND ™ is divided into two completely separate platforms. The first of which is an extremely intense energy path that allows to LEGEND ™ to turn on and energize its user in minutes through a...

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    Description: When it comes to choosing the right protein, that works best for us, you have to ask one thing: "Who do you want to look like?". We know exactly what you want. Build muscle, increase strength, and carve out a physical etched in stone. It sounds easy, huh? Well, the problem is that most of the proteins present in the market are overvalued and...

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    2,3 Kg (5 Lbs)